SpaVision™ - Electric Eye Massager
SpaVision™ - Electric Eye Massager
SpaVision™ - Electric Eye Massager
SpaVision™ - Electric Eye Massager
SpaVision™ - Electric Eye Massager

SpaVision™ - Electric Eye Massager

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Revolutionary Device For Your Beautiful Eyes

Have eye bags from lack of sleeps? Dark circles? Experiencing eye fatigue from over-working on your PC? Freckles around your eyes? Having constant headaches or migraines?

SpaVision™ is an electric eye massage device newly designed in 2019 that will help you with all those problems above, all within 15 minutes of usage! It’s a great way to achieve a relaxing massage on your face while improving your skin and eyesight.


SpaVision provides an "All in 1" treatment to your eye and forehead:

  • Improves blood circulation, eliminates eyestrain and eye muscle tension
  • Prevent myopia or suspends turning into high myopia
  • Prevents or alleviates eye pouch, dark circles and wrinkle
  • Helps insomniac to relax nerves and fall asleep

How Does SpaVision Work?

SpaVision™ looks exactly like an eye mask. But, they carry all relaxing operations within them. It has stimulating modes which help in the massaging of eyes and removing dark circles by touching the pressure points.


It blocks out any light so your eyes can relax completelySpaVision applies pressure on eyeballs, cheeks, brows, temples with the help of an airbag and does not cause any pain.

It uses technology like heat, infrared technology, and various vibrations to reduce pain and to also help open your pores so your skin can be hydrated and moisturize when you use it.


We designed SpaVision™ in a way so that it has acupuncture points massage and vibration massage modes to promote the blood circulation of the eye skin, enhance the elasticity, relieve eyes fatigue, dilute dark circles, remove eye patch, wrinkles and other eye problems.



  • Material: Neodymium Magnets, Medical-grade Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • Power Supply: 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Size: 18.5 cm x 6.3 cm
  • Color: White Case + Black Lens


Package Includes : 

1 x SpaVision Eye Massager