SonicPro™  - Portable Serum Infuser
SonicPro™  - Portable Serum Infuser
SonicPro™  - Portable Serum Infuser
SonicPro™  - Portable Serum Infuser
SonicPro™  - Portable Serum Infuser

SonicPro™ - Portable Serum Infuser

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Experience skin rejuvenation on a whole new level

SonicPro™ Serum Infuser Pen is a sonic-ionic infusion device that combines ultrasonic micro pulses (sonic waves at 120 oscillations per second ) and ion technology to maximize the benefits of your eye creams and serums by getting the most out the ingredients you are already using

The SonicPro™ replaces manual finger tapping with gentle sonic micro pulses to help apply creams and serums more effectively with faster results, nourishing the skin around the eyes and upper lip with refreshing hydration for a smoother look and feel.


The SonicPro™ has three core technology which results in relieving eyes fatigue, diluting dark circles, eye patch removing the wrinkles. 

Negative ion

  • Helps accelerate the absorption of nutrients deep into the skin so you will get the most out of the ingredients of your product. 

EMS current

  • EMS current activate skin cells and speed the renewal of collagen growth, making skin elastic at the same time remove wrinkles.

High frequency Vibration

  • 158 times/s vibration massage to help skin relieve tension, improve blood circulation and lymph dredge around the eyes as well as reducing drainage and puffiness.


How to use the SonicPro™ Effectively? 

Step 1 :
Pump a small amount of eye cream onto the applicator.

Step 2 : 
Place several dots of eye cream underneath your eyes with the applicator.

Step 3 : 
Turn on the applicator and apply small and gentle circular motions around the T-Shape and orbital bone of your face.



For the best result, use your eye cream morning and night paired with the SonicPro™ while applying your eye cream for an easier and quick application.



  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Applies serums and creams with sonic pulses at 120 oscillations per second.
  • Maximizes the benefits of serums and moisturizers with ionic technology in a way that's not possible with your fingers alone.
  • Nourishes, hydrates, refreshes and smooths the look and feel of the delicate skin around the eyes and above the upper lip.


Package Include:

1 x Electric Eye Massager